Fogging machine EAC-P-FG-180P E-agro care

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e-AgroCare EAC P FG - 12 litre Thermal Fogging Machine is ideal for fighting against mosquitoes, pests, insects, bacteria, airborne diseases, etc. It is preferred for the cultivation of the plants in greenhouses like tea, coffee, vegetables, fruits, etc. e-AgroCare EAC P FG is a fuel-efficient device and is environment friendly. The device is lightweight, thus have a sturdy construction that requires very less maintenance. The 12-litre thermal fogging machine is made up of top-grade parts and components. This fogging machine is easy to use due to its electric start system.


















Brand: e-AgroCare
Chemical Tank capacity: 12 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 litres
Humidity: 30 to 80 percent
Model: EAC P FG
Temperature: 10 to 35 Degree C
Volume of Spray: 70 Litre/Hour

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